How to introduce myself to a stranger online has always been a bit of a mystery to me.  What parts of my story will be most important to you?  

I am The Financial Dream Detective and Guide.

I work with entrepreneurs to discover where they are holding themselves back from receiving abundant amounts of income.  I identify where they can cut costs and increase profits.  Ultimately, I show them how their life purpose can be incorporated in their business so they have more energy and greater fulfillment in their work.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs grow multiple streams of income while creating a wonderful family life. We do this by establishing an abundance mindset, improving their persuasion skills & strategically building multiple income streams.

I am happy to admit I have struggled in growing my businesses.

I built 5 successful businesses that hit over six figures in annual income.   Yet my life as an entrepreneur could best be described as Herby in the Indy 500, Consistently going off course or crashing while completing the race a winner.  Until I hired the right mentors and guides.

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I started working for myself almost 20 years ago.  I was expecting my first child and knew that I wanted a flexible schedule and a strong income.  

The next few years I was very successful and very busy! I worked 4 different businesses and created a multiple six-figure income.  However, I felt like I had nothing to show for it.  I brought in plenty of money and seemed to lose it as fast as it came in.

When my husband got a promotion I decided it was time to give more focus on my kids.  I sold my businesses and investments. The problem was, this left me completely at the mercy of my husband's income.  

I was enjoying having time to volunteer and feeling drawn to do something more.  So when my husband's income changed dramatically, I was ready to start a new business and make it hugely successful.


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I wish I could say it all went honky-dorey from that moment but it didn't.  Instead I spent the next 10 years trying new things, having some success, while spending thousands and thousands on trainings.

It felt like when I was working my business I wasn't happy in my family.  When I stopped working my business I was happy in my family while feeling poor and unneeded.  

Until a miracle happened.  

It came in a most unusual form.  A quirky man with weird practices that drew me to his program energetically and spiritually.  I followed my gut and enrolled in his 3 year program.  It was HARD.  I learned things about myself I had never comprehended.  

I also understood exactly what I was here to teach in the world and who to teach.  

The foundation of all I teach is abundance.

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Marian Hobson is a Sales & Marketing Coach.
She lives with her Eternal Companion, Tommy,
and their three children in Spartanburg, SC.  
She loves to hike and camp in the mountains and stroll on the beach.